Smart Energy Floors for Powered-Up Engagement

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kinetic energy floor tiles

Jump higher with kinetic energy floor tiles to light up any space

Get the crowd dancing, jumping, walking and lighting up the floors for better. Eco Renewable energy brings you these innovative kinetic floor tiles that generate electricity from the kinetic energy generated from human movement. Eco Renewable Energy is for brands that want to create a positive, lasting impact.

Aligning with your messaging and corporate sustainability goals, our smart kinetic energy floor tiles are brought to life by footsteps and interactions. Turning passersby into engaged audiences, we’ll work with you to deliver a powerful, memorable brand experience. Our kinetic energy floor tiles generate electricity by walking and jumping on them.

Building a digitally connected culture, our smart energy floor tiles are available for events, launches, and brand activations. These interactive energy-generating floor tiles are sustainable energy floors that will create an interactive environment in your events and brand activations. Our kinetic energy floor tiles use piezoelectric technology. Our kinetic energy floor tiles can be customized with powered-up gamification and software plugins beyond your imagination – burn more joules with an on-screen energy dashboard, capture selfies or orchestrate dance battles, they’re just a few ideas to get you inspired.

Empowering interaction and kick-starting sustainability awareness, it’s forward-thinking at its best.

Dance harder, jump higher, and turn fun moments into mind-blowing memories as these tiles can be converted into engaging and sustainable dance floors. With more foot traffic, more electricity can be generated on these sustainable dance floor. These light-up dance floors are super fun and highly innovative. Eco Renewable Energy’s ready to propel your next brand activation or any event to the next level with these kinetic tiles. Happy brands, happy people, happy earth.

Experience the future of sustainable flooring with our revolutionary floor tiles that generate electricity. By simply walking or jumping on them, this innovative tiles harness kinetic energy, which is stored in a battery to power the built-in lighting, providing an engaging and eco-friendly solution.

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If you are looking to permanently purchase our kinetic energy floors, Visit our permanent installations page.


kinetic energy

Capture kinetic energy from dancing, jumping, walking, and human movement. Energy generated powers floor LED lighting

Eco Renewable Energy

Energy dashboards count total joules, gamification and interactive plugins like human powered camera selfie

Eco Renewable Energy

Kinetic Tiles made from mostly recycled materials and stunningly crafted design

kinetic energy floor tiles
Eco Renewable Energy

Unique and memorable experience for your audience

Interactions with footsteps

Engaging footsteps and gamification with on-floor lights and on-screen dashboard

Eco Renewable Energy

Custom software branding

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the kinetic tiles collect energy from?

These smart kinetic energy floor tiles collect the kinetic energy from the human movement. They convert kinetic energy into electrical energy by jumping or walking over them. So, dance your way into helping the environment and power the light up dancefloor!

How do energy floors work?

Kinetic Energy floor tiles are a medium for users to walk or jump to generate electricity, the electricity generated is temporarily stored in a super capacitor (like a battery) which powers the lighting within each kinetic energy tile. This works by each tile having an inbuilt generator, which is activated when a user walks or jumps.

Are these energy tiles waterproof?

Kinetic Energy floor tiles are water resistant, meaning they can withstand some light rain water spills from cups or drinks and can be cleaned like a regular floor by pouring water over them. It is not recommended to leave them outside for long periods of time as the combination of rain & sun, over and over can create challenges within the mechanics for long term usage. There are methods we use to ensure tiles can be setup for an outdoor event – please contact us to find out more information.

What formation can the tiles be setup in?

These kinetic energy floor tiles are modular in nature, which means they can be connected in any formation. When the floor set is connected, they share data to the main controller about how they’re being used, which tile is being used and the amount of energy each kinetic energy tile generates.

What are the dimensions of kinetic energy floor tiles?

They are 750mm x 750mm x 200mm. and can be connected in any formation type with as many or as little kinetic energy floor tiles are required for your setup. They are considered 1 legal step in height i.e. 200mm.

What can we do with the data coming from kinetic energy floor tiles?

This data can be displayed visually on a screen or used to activate customised responses using software that is run on an attached laptop. Custom software could be represented by specific lighting protocols or visualisations moving in line with energy generated on a screen or dashboard

What are some examples of custom software that can be done using kinetic energy floor tiles?

Firstly, we could essentially make anything happen on an attached screen. The easiest way to understand this is by visualising a digital battery that ‘fills up’ to the target energy, when the target is met the battery will be displayed as full. This same principle could be used to initiate changes to your brand’s custom graphics… I.e. we made an oat field grow from seed-to-harvest for a Nestle activation for Uncle Tobys oats.

Another example could be to initiate lighting on a the kinetic energy floor tiles themselves. In 2019, Samsung created an Electric Playground for the Sydney Vivid lights festival. Our contribution was to create an electric hopscotch which encouraged people to jump on the kinteic tile that was lit up, which would initiate a random tile on the next row to light up until the entire set was complete.