Pedal Powered Energy Hubs to Supercharge Your Brand

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Eco Renewable Energy WeWatt Bikes

Cycle and charge with WeWatt energy bikes for a wheely good time

With the fast-paced society of today, we thrive in a ‘go, go, go’ culture. But what if we could use that restlessness for better?

A sure-fire crowd pleaser, our WeWatt bikes will have your audience pedalling (and sweating) hard to charge their phones, laptops and favourite devices. These pedal power generators are perfect for public, high-traffic spaces and events. Our WeWatt charging stations offer a dynamic, eco-friendly branding experience.

Boost Audience Engagement with WeWatt Bikes, Eco Renewable Energy’s Innovative Tech.

With brandable surfaces, energy dashboard customisation and gamification opportunities, the WeWatt bikes are used to supercharge interactions while promoting your corporate sustainability efforts.

Effectively engaging your audience, tick. Powerful brand messaging, tick. Memorable experience, tick. Raising sustainability, health and wellbeing awareness? Double tick. That’s a whole heap of winning ROI (Return on Interactions) right there!

Whether it’s for an exhibition, conference, brand activation or outdoor festival, we’ll take you for a ride (the good, sustainable kind).To find out how you can customise our WeWatt bikes to align with your event’s branding goals, chat to us today.

If you are looking to permanently purchase our WeWatt bikes, Visit our Permanent Installations Page.
WeWatt Energy Bikes Concept


wireless charging
Wireless + USB phone or device charging by pedalling
Energy dashboard
Energy dashboard/display with opportunity for customisation and gamification for unique experiences
Brandable surfaces
recycled materials
Made from mostly recycled materials and stunningly crafted design
Eco Renewable Energy WeWatt Hub
Eco Renewable Energy
An interactive tool to align organisations with sustainable initiatives brand activations and events
Charge devices
Charge phones, laptops and devices with pedal power
Integrated software
View the clean energy you generated on a custom dashboard
memorable experience
Unique technology to engage audience and provide a memorable experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a WeWatt Energy Bike?

The WeWatt bike is a piece of smart furniture where we have combined a beautiful wooden desk with a stationary bicycle. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to generate energy, get some light exercise and sit around the table while charging your devices from the energy you generate.

How Does a WeWatt Energy Bike Work?

The WeWatt Energy Bike generates power from the rider’s pedaling. The generator converts the rider’s kinetic energy into electrical energy stored in the bike’s battery. The battery can then charge phones, laptops & other devices.

Is Pedal Power Renewable?

Yes, pedal power is a form of renewable energy. Electricity can be generated as long as there is human effort to pedal the bike. Pedaling on these WeWatt bikes does not require using fossil fuels, so it does not contribute to air pollution or climate change.

Is It Possible to Generate Electricity From Exercise Bikes?

Yes, it is possible to generate electricity from exercise bikes. This is the principle behind WeWatt energy bikes. The energy generated from pedaling is converted into electricity.

How Much Energy Can I Generate With a WeWatt Energy Bike?

The amount of energy you can generate with a WeWatt energy bike depends on how fast and how long you pedal. Generally, you can generate 50-100 watts.

What Can I Power With a WeWatt Energy Bike?

You can use the energy from the WeWatt bikes to power small devices like phones, tablets, or laptops. WeWatt also offers multi-device charging stations.

Is the WeWatt Energy Bike Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, the WeWatt energy bike is environmentally friendly. It generates clean, renewable energy without producing harmful emissions. The bikes are made predominantly from recycled materials.

Can I Install a WeWatt Energy Bike at Home?

Yes, you can install a WeWatt energy bike at home.

What Are the Maintenance Requirements for a WeWatt Energy Bike?

Maintenance for a WeWatt energy bike typically includes regular cleaning and checking for any loose or worn parts. The bike’s battery should be checked and charged regularly, and the bike’s chain should be lubricated as needed. It’s best to consult the user manual or contact us for specific maintenance guidelines.