Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Smart Bench Features & Benefits?

- Completely off grid - Powered by solar energy
- Free wifi hotspots
- Charge phones/laptops or other devices with USB or wireless charging
- Designed for outdoors - all weather conditions
- Built-in Environmental sensors which share local information about air quality, temperature, humidity and air pressure.
- Branding surfaces with a custom Wifi landing page
- Data capturing (nothing personal) learn more about how often the bench is being used, what type of devices are connecting to the wifi and phone charging, how long are they are charging for & more

How much does a Smart Bench cost?

We have a couple of different pricing options for the different benches, please contact us for a copy of our price list

How can I access the free Wi-Fi?

- Once you are within 20 meters of the bench, navigate to your device’s Wi-Fi settings.
- Select “'Smart Bench Free Wi-Fi”.
- Wait a few seconds and a loading page will appear.
- Select ""Go Online"" and after a few seconds you will be connected to the internet.

How can I charge my phone or tablet? Do I need a cord?

The bench has two wireless charging pads that you can just rest your device on. However if your device is not compatible with wireless charging you can bring along a USB cord to connect to the bench.

What data is being measured?

Built-in environmental sensors collect and share real-time data about temperature, humidity and air pressure. To access this information for each location you will need to download the free Strawberry app on Google Play or the App Store.

What atmospheric data are the benches collecting?

The Smart Bench Mini can determine the air pressure, humidity, and temperature. This information will also be made available in real-time on the free Strawberry app on Google Play.

What is the carbon footprint of the benches?

As the Benches use Solar Panels for power there is no carbon footprint associated with the power provided to users, the weather sensors, or the free Wi-Fi.

What user data is being collected and how will it be used?

Just as with any public wifi, the only thing captured by the router is the MAC address, which is non-personally identifiable information (completely anonymous) and unique for any device as it helps to know the number of unique WiFi users. Any public wifi router to which that mobile phone is connected (using that public internet) can see that MAC address. That MAC address is not shared with any third party.

Thus, the system is completely GDPR compliant as we do not deal with personal data. Contact us for our Privacy Policy.

What maintenance is required?

The Smart Bench Minis are built to withstand all weather conditions and require minimal maintenance. The hardware is designed to be low maintenance. The batteries are the only part with a "short" lifespan (2 years factory lifetime). USBs and RJ connectors are designed to be easily changed and that can be done even by untrained personnel.

Software is managed remotely.

How many people can connect to the internet at the same time without affecting the internet speed?

Depending on the quality of the 4G at the location. Router is splitting what it gets from the network (e.g. 50Mb/s), it will split it between a number of users at the moment. We can limit the number of users but it generally works fine for 50 people in most locations with regular 4G signal.

Do Smart Benches collect any personal data?

Our chargers are just like dumb wall chargers, they give you only power, and there is no possibility for data transfer. None of the wires carry data. The USB cables on the Smart Benches include wires for power only. The USB outlets are connected directly to a power source only and cannot exchange data between devices and the Smart Bench.

Where are the Smart Benches produced?

Apart from batteries and solar panels that are imported, the whole construction and main electronics are produced in Serbia. Engineers have developed smart electronics from scratch.

Do some of your systems ever stop functioning?

Only for a short period of time if there is a problem that needs to be solved or no Sunshine for many days and heavy usage. But generally, the answer is NO, the system might be down under unprecedented circumstances, but overall, the Smart Bench functions without any issues.

How long does it take to charge a phone?

It takes as much time as when charging at home because otherwise, it would be harmful to batteries.

What is required for installation, in brief?

MINI: 2-3 workers (depending on the strength), drill, wrench, and other small equipment. The installation takes about 1 hour.

SSB1: 5 workers and a small crane, forklift, or hiab truck to lift the SSB1. There are four parts that need to be assembled onsite. The installation takes about 2- 3 hours

What are the requirements for the installation locations?

The location for the bench should:

- Be sunlit, not in shadow

- Flat, although it can be leveled

- Solid ground (not sand or grass), although it can be concreted.

How can the Smart Bench be branded?

The MINI has two standard Branding Surfaces on the sides and over the top of the bench where the wireless charging is located.  Branding consisting of logos, branding features, symbols, text, etc can be placed on Branding Surfaces.

The SSB1 has four Branding Surfaces: Front Pillar, Side Pillar, Door, and User Interface Board. Big branding consisting of a logo, branding features, symbols, text, etc can be placed on Front Pillar, Side Pillar, and Door while on the User Interface Board there is a place only for a small logo.

Can the Wi-Fi landing page be branded?

The Wi-Fi Landing page (the first page opened when a user logs in) can be branded, including a logo and link to the client's website.

How do WeWatt bikes work?
The bikes have a patented technology, which converts the kinetic energy created by pedalling into electricity. This is 100% renewable energy, which is stored in a battery in the centre of the table.
How long does it take to charge your phone?
Powering phones or devices using WeWatt bikes will take the same time as a regular wall point plugs at home or work.
How long does it take to charge the bike/table battery?
Fully charging the battery can take around an hour which will provide enough energy to power 4 mobile phones + 2 tablets.
How many devices can I charge at the same time?
There are up to 4 usb ports or a standard AC plug point per bike, which can all be occupied at the same time.
How many Watts can be produced?
We can produce between 50-150 watts when pedalling.
How many Watts can be produced?How much do these bike/tables cost?

We offer short term rentals for events & activations in bookings of 1-3 days, 4-7 days or 8+ days.

We also offer a long term lease-to-own package which includes the maintenance & health checks, software updates + new releases. Includes spare parts or changes to the internal system.

Pricing depends on the preferred model & the amount required. Please contact us for a quote.

What are the weight & dimensions?

The single unit weighs approx. 65kg and occupies a space of: H 115cm, W 80cm, D 120cm (with chair).

The round table diameter is 145cm + chairs. The height is 115cm and weight is approx. 190kg.

Where do the kinetic tiles collect energy from?

These smart kinetic energy floor tiles collect the kinetic energy from the human movement. They convert kinetic energy into electrical energy by jumping or walking over them. So, dance your way into helping the environment and power the light up dancefloor!

How do energy floors work?

Kinetic Energy floor tiles are a medium for users to walk or jump to generate electricity, the electricity generated is temporarily stored in a super capacitor (like a battery) which powers the lighting within each kinetic energy tile. This works by each tile having an inbuilt generator, which is activated when a user walks or jumps.

Are these energy tiles waterproof?

Kinetic Energy floor tiles are water resistant, meaning they can withstand some light rain water spills from cups or drinks and can be cleaned like a regular floor by pouring water over them. It is not recommended to leave them outside for long periods of time as the combination of rain & sun, over and over can create challenges within the mechanics for long term usage. There are methods we use to ensure tiles can be setup for an outdoor event – please contact us to find out more information

What formation can the tiles be setup in?

These kinetic energy floor tiles are modular in nature, which means they can be connected in any formation. When the floor set is connected, they share data to the main controller about how they’re being used, which tile is being used and the amount of energy each kinetic energy tile generates.

What are the dimensions of kinetic energy floor tiles?

They are 750mm x 750mm x 200mm. and can be connected in any formation type with as many or as little kinetic energy floor tiles are required for your setup. They are considered 1 legal step in height i.e. 200mm.

What can we do with the data coming from kinetic energy floor tiles?

This data can be displayed visually on a screen or used to activate customised responses using software that is run on an attached laptop. Custom software could be represented by specific lighting protocols or visualisations moving in line with energy generated on a screen or dashboard

What are some examples of custom software that can be done using kinetic energy floor tiles?

Firstly, we could essentially make anything happen on an attached screen. The easiest way to understand this is by visualising a digital battery that ‘fills up’ to the target energy, when the target is met the battery will be displayed as full. This same principle could be used to initiate changes to your brand’s custom graphics… I.e. we made an oat field grow from seed-to-harvest for a Nestle activation for Uncle Tobys oats.

Another example could be to initiate lighting on a the kinetic energy floor tiles themselves. In 2019, Samsung created an Electric Playground for the Sydney Vivid lights festival. Our contribution was to create an electric hopscotch which encouraged people to jump on the kinteic tile that was lit up, which would initiate a random tile on the next row to light up until the entire set was complete.

Why Is a Brand Activation Important?

Brand activations help connect your brand with your target audience and enhance your brand's presence among the public. Brand activations drive engagement and help boost your brand's reputation.

What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing encourages audiences to participate, engage and interact with a brand, creating a memorable experience for the consumer.

What advantages does experiential marketing offer your business?

Brand awareness, the addition of brand loyalists and the creation of compelling content for social media & other digital platforms can all be accomplished through experiential marketing. Also, experiential events create stories to be told and shared with others.