We all have the potential to make a difference in our environment, and we are doing just that through pioneering innovative renewable energy for our environment. Our ecosystem is continuously fighting against the pollutants that we are producing. As a result, we at Eco Renewable Energy are actively discovering and providing alternative sustainable energy solutions In this blog, we are going to discuss how our interactive solar panel flooring can be used as a renewable energy source and how it can benefit the environment.

What are Solar Powered Interactive Floor Tiles?

Start by thinking about solar panels, and now think about floor tiles. Well, our solar-powered floor tiles are a revolutionary combination of the two, with the added aesthetic element of pedestrian interaction. Through state-of-the-art technology, our energy floors allow us to create two kinds of interactive flooring options.

Renewable energy that is interactive and educational:

Solar-powered floor tiles can be installed anywhere, in fact, they are perfect for transit stations, buildings, and public walkways. The solar floor tiles are designed to be multipurpose as they can provide renewable power to signs or be used as floor lights in the evening. Not only do energy floors generate sustainable energy, but they can also educate the community about renewable energy in a fun and effective way. Delivering 100% guaranteed Return on Interactions, these interactive floor tiles provide interaction by responding to the pedestrians as they ‘step’ or interact with the floor. How does this happen? Well, it is achieved through the LED touchscreen on the flooring.

Imagine that you could walk across the pavement and the solar panel floor tiles interact with you and are able to generate a powerful source of sustainable energy. Well, now it is a possibility with our walkable solar panel tiles. The solar panel flooring tiles are perfect for pavements as they can analyze foot traffic, engagement, and interaction with the public. The advanced design allows the solar-powered interactive tiles to interact and deliver solar energy at the same time. At night the solar tiles can be used to illuminate the pavement and guide pedestrians when it is dark. They work similarly to solar panels, as they are connected to ‘the grid’ of a building, and can offset a source of renewable energy to these buildings. It is true innovation within the solar and flooring space industry.

Additionally, we have created a set of solar panel flooring that is an ideal model for a school playground. The interaction of the tiles is a brilliant way to encourage children to learn through play. Not only can they spark imagination, but the solar floor tiles also challenge the children to partake in energetic games. It is an excellent way of teaching the next generation the importance of sustainable energy, and how renewable energy can be created. Oh, did we mention that these panels also give energy back to the school’s grid’?

The Perfect Solution: Solar Panel Flooring

Our solar-powered interactive floor tiles have been designed to create a positive public impact and awareness of renewable energy solutions. Moreover, they are a beneficial source of renewable energy. The floor tiles can produce a substantial amount of energy that is created via solar panels. The solar floor tiles convert solar (and kinetic) energy into a usable, sustainable energy source. They are an innovative and ethical solution, and the interactive element is just an added bonus.

With solar-powered floor tiles, you reduce your carbon footprint. Instead, your footprint can help generate energy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do solar panel flooring work?

Think solar panels, installed on the floor and can be walked over. When walked on, jumped on, or danced on, the floor modules spring into action. Each tile responds to footsteps as the pressure sensors kick in – powering uniquely set lighting and/or gamification display on a screen. A steady output of up to 35 watts is produced by each module as long as the sun is shining.

Are solar floor panels tiles sustainable?

Solar floor panel tiles are made to serve a variety of purposes, including acting as artistic, evening floor lights and a source of renewable energy for signs. In addition to aiding in the production of sustainable energy, they can successfully and amusingly teach the public about sustainability and renewable energy.

Do solar panel floor tiles work?

Solar panel floor tiles have a lifespan of 12+ years. They are highly robust, built for harsh outdoor conditions and resilient by nature. Delivering a steady 35 watts per module, using high-quality solar panels – buildings can rely on their energy to offset power bills and engage the local community.


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