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In the world of marketing, brand activations are the key to creating memorable experiences that resonate with your audience. At Eco Renewable Energy, we specialize in sustainable experiential events and brand activations that engage your audience and promote a greener future.

Sustainable Brand Empowerment: Interactive Installations

Eco Renewable Energy offers unique, customized interactive installations and brand activation ideas that help your brand create lasting impressions and promote sustainability. Our energy floors and WeWatt bikes provide engaging, human-powered experiences that captivate audiences at experiential marketing events, while our branded smart solar benches and energy fitness equipment offer practical, eco-friendly solutions that enhance your brand exposure and drive home your message of health and wellness. It’s a two-pronged approach that delivers a winning Return on Interactions (ROI) and empowers your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Our Innovative Products for Events and Brand Activation

We design innovative products to bring your activation ideas for brands to life and promote sustainability and renewable energy.

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WeWatt Bikes

Our WeWatt Bikes are more than just a fitness tool. They are a unique way to engage your audience and promote your brand. The bikes generate electricity as they are pedalle, providing a tangible demonstration of renewable energy. They have been used in various events, from corporate wellness programs to educational initiatives, making them a versatile choice for your next brand activation. Learn more about WeWatt Bikes.

Energy Floors

Energy Floors are an innovative solution that turns the energy from footsteps into electricity. They are a fun and engaging way to demonstrate the power of renewable energy. From music festivals to trade shows, Energy Floors have been used to create memorable experiences while promoting sustainability. Discover the potential of Energy Floors.

energy floors
smart solar bench mini

Smart Solar Benches

Our Smart Solar Benches offer a practical solution for events and public spaces. They provide a place to sit and charge devices using solar power. They are a great way to align your brand with sustainability and innovation. Find out more about Smart Solar Benches.

Energy Fitness

Energy Fitness equipment turns workout energy into usable electricity. It’s a unique way to engage your audience, promote fitness, and demonstrate the power of renewable energy. Explore our Energy Fitness options.

energy generating fitness equipment

Why Choose Our Products?

Our products offer a unique combination of engagement, innovation, and sustainability. When you choose our products, you’re not just buying or hiring a product; you’re making a choice for the environment, supporting eco-friendly practices that reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Integrated Software & Gamification

Our products feature integrated software and gamification elements that enhance the user experience and engage your audience in a fun and interactive way. Experience real-time tracking of energy production, participate in interactive challenges and earn rewards for sustainable habits. Receive personalized feedback, share achievements on social media, and access educational resources within the interface. Customise settings to align with your goals and enjoy compatibility across various devices and platforms, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey towards sustainability.

  • Brand Alignment & Branding Surfaces

Our products offer branding surfaces that allow you to align them with your brand, making them an integral part of your marketing activations. With customisable branding surfaces, you can add your brand logo, message, or image to ensure that every interaction with our products reinforces your brand presence.

  • Driving the Message of Sustainability & Renewable Energy

Our products are engaging, interactive and drive the message of sustainability and renewable energy, aligning your brand with these important values. With each use, whether it’s charging device on a solar bench or generating electricity through energy floors, users play an active role in reducing carbon footprint. Together, we’re not just driving the message of sustainability but also paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

  • Unique & Innovative Products

Our unique and innovative products stand out, making your event memorable and engaging for your audience.

Suitable Events for Our Products

Our products suit various events, from corporate events to festivals, trade shows, and educational initiatives. They have been used in successful events brand activation & activation ideas campaigns, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness.

Energised by Humans and Nature, Our Interactive Installations Will Take Your Next Event or Brand Activation to the Next Level

With physical branding, powered-up gamification and analytics-driven software enhancements, we can customise any of our solutions – your imagination’s the only limit. Forget old school, cookie-cutter strategies and other boring event ideas. Let’s promote your corporate sustainability efforts by turning fun moments into lifelong memories. Check out our gallery to see pictures and videos from various events.

Your brand is upfront and centre. Peak humanisation makes the earth better, and it’s the innovative way forward. Ready to supercharge your next event? Check out our prices for various event packages. Let’s have a chat about your event idea today!

We’re here to answer any questions and help you make your next event a success. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative brand activations and event ideas.

WeWatt Bikes

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Energy Floors

Energy Floors

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Energy Fitness

Energy Fitness
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Eco Renewable Energy
Unique & innovative products which are engaging & interactive
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Team Building

“Great working with the Jade and their team. LeasePlan promotes sustainability and the e-bikes for charging mobile phones at conference was a good idea to promote our message. The implementation process was easy going and the team delivered on time. Great job. Highly recommended.”

Aparna Atiya Ahmad