Smart Solar Benches to Charge-Up Sustainable Brands

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smart solar benches

Supercharge your brand exposure and awareness through solar charging benches

By harnessing the power of sunshine, Eco Renewable Energy’s smart solar benches offer the perfect spot for people to sit, relax and recharge. These smart solar-powered benches offer so much more than just seating space. Eco Renewable Energy’s smart solar benches are equipped with USB Ports & wireless chargers. This innovative smart bench has free Wi-Fi, is a solar bench charging station and has environmental IoT sensors which are all built-in to the bench providing digital equity for your smart city.

Featuring built-in environmental sensors, free Wi-Fi hotspots and battery charging, our smart solar bench charging stations come with branding surfaces for maximum outdoor exposure of your brand and sustainability initiatives.

With innovative digital integration, these solar-powered smart benches can be used for people counting and capturing other big data insights to help power up your event. Whether it’s for a brand activation or private spaces or outdoor music festival, these solar-powered smart benches are an impactful way for your brand to stand out from the masses while promoting renewable energy and sustainability. Win-win, don’t you think?

Powered by the Earth, and created for humans, these smart solar benches are a place where you can sit and still create powerful, positive change. Ready to make your mark? Chat with us today to discover more about our solar powered smart benches for events and brand activations!

If you are looking to permanently purchase a smart solar bench, Visit our permanent installations Page


solar energy
Powered by solar energy
sustainability messaging
Environmental Sensors
Eco Renewable Energy
Data Insights
Eco Renewable Energy
Free wifi hotspots
battery charging
Free battery charging
Designed for outdoors
Eco Renewable Energy  Mini Smart Bench
Eco Renewable Energy

Charge phones/laptops or other devices with USB or wireless charging

Eco Renewable Energy

Environmental sensors share local information about air quality, temperature, humidity and air pressure.

data capture

People counting and other big data is captured in the backend

Eco Renewable Energy

Branding surfaces with custom Wifi landing page

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the smart solar bench receive and store energy?

The smart solar bench receives all its energy from the sunlight. Batteries on the bench store the energy which is later used to power the wifi, and to charge phones and laptops.

Does a smart solar bench have Wi-Fi?

Yes, the Smart Solar Benches are equipped with Wifi. They’re not called smart benches for nothing.

What other features other than device charging does the smart bench offer?

These Smart solar benches offer free Wifi. They also have an online dashboard that displays the weather, temperature, air quality and air pressure information. On top of that, these smart solar benches also help in counting people and other big data capturing. It has environmental sensors built-in and the opportunity to customise the WiFi landing page to enhance your brand awareness.

Does the smart solar bench get hot due to sunlight?

These smart benches have a cooling system to cool down the surface, so you can comfortably sit down, relax and enjoy the bench.

Do the smart solar bench features work when there is no sun, i.e. at night time or on cloudy days?

Yes, the smart solar bench stores energy within batteries so that important features can be used in the evening or when there is no direct sunlight.