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Smart Solar Benches

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Following two long years in c19 restriction, Council identified few areas where poor or non-existent access to internet was impeding the work of many generally disadvantaged residents, home schooling being most prominent. Apart from planning for a wider WiFi rollout, the Council wanted to find a quicker solution to bring the free internet access to these areas. The opportunity to have a device that offered WiFi and the phone charging
was a very attractive to us.


Installing a Smart Solar Bench, providing free wifi & phone charging for the community, at the same time having a dashboard providing us with the usage data on both Wifi and number of charging is of great value to guide us in a decision to consider provision of like services in other areas.


The numbers provided from the dashboard are encouraging. It is interesting to learn the high usage of phone charging.

“The ERE team installed 2 Smart Benches in the City of Stonnington in February this year. Since they were installed we have seen our community using them for phone charging and accessing free internet via the backend dashboard. This dashboard not only provides data on usage of the benches, number of charging and internet access, but also battery status and environmental data which is key to building our Smart City. ERE team were quite responsive during the install and ongoing support.”

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