It’s 2023 and consumer marketing is at its all-time high. This surge of marketing efforts, however, comes with many caveats. One of the many challenges that those in the marketing industry battle through is the difficulty of capturing consumers’ attention as people seem to only care about products that capture them in the blink of an eye.

Consumers are craving something captivating and memorable in the sea of unoriginal, copy-pasted ideas. That way, they will be attracted to the product and ultimately make a purchase. This is why today’s marketing trend seems to have one common denominator—unique experiences rather than hard selling.

Experiential Marketing: The Ultimate Marketing Solution (or Is It?)

Many companies are turning to experiential marketing to introduce products in awe-inspiring presentations. There are no limits to experiential marketing; the only thing you need to have is creativity and ingenuity to persuade people to purchase your product.

Experiential marketing has been making waves in the marketing industry. The better the presentation, the better. If you haven’t caught up with this wave yet, here we briefly describe what it is and what it can do for your company.

What Is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing capitalises on the modern consumers’ need for experience rather than the traditional aggressive marketing strategies. The latter use urgency and hard facts to deliver the message that people should buy their product. The former, on the other hand, focuses more on subtle marketing, making the people come to their realisations.

Experiential marketing is a strategy that engages consumers during brand activation. This is done by executing out-of-the-box marketing or event ideas that aim to drive consumers to their product or cause.

From what the word suggests, experiential marketing uses life experiences to immerse customers in its products.

Downsides of Experiential Marketing

Though experiential marketing has been hailed as highly effective at driving many companies’ sales through the roof, it also has its downsides. Experiential marketing is typically done through large events, concerts, walk-in booths, and many more. The bigger or the more colourful the event, the better the impact.

This all sounds well and good for the company, but it does take a toll on the environment. With travel emissions, wasted food and drink, and non-biodegradable displays, many experiential marketing events have become the biggest contributor to the planet’s waste.

But is experiential marketing really the be-all and end-all of smart marketing strategies? Do we have to succumb to environmentally harmful methods just to sell? Is there a better alternative?

How Eco-Renewable Energy Does It

Eco Renewable Energy has found a way to strike a balance between effective and ecologically safe marketing. By taking a closer look at events and activations, we came up with steps on how we mitigated the environmental dangers of experiential marketing. For starters, we—

1. Prioritise Sustainable Alternatives

The first and most important step towards any major changes is to commit to it. In the same way, you must first decide to commit to practising sustainability across all areas of your business.

Going in with this mindset makes everything else easy. Once you have made this decision, it is easier to prioritise sustainable alternatives. Engaging with clients through phones or video conferencing, for instance, are feasible ways to minimise the environmental impact of your experiential marketing.

At Eco Renewable Energy, we came up with Energy Floors and WeWatt Energy Bikes as sustainable alternatives to the typical experiential marketing methods.

Energy Floors

Energy Floors are used by most of our partners for their brand activations and experiential marketing events. Create kinetic energy from a jumping crowd, the floor lights up in sync with the movements and activities. No energy is wasted since all you need is a crowd and some plug-ins to make it work. These innovations help us in organizing sustainable events successfully.

Memorable? Of course. Fun? Even better!

WeWatt Energy Bikes

Made from mostly recycled materials, our WeWatt Energy Bikes are assembled by people with disabilities. Social inclusion is another aspect of sustainability that most companies seem to overlook.

These bikes make for great exhibition stands, brand activations, and experiential marketing events. Unique? Definitely.

If you want to know more about sustainable alternatives, you can check out the Event Ideas and Brand Activation Page on our website.

2. Focus on Optimistic Messages

Most people are easily deterred by uncomfortable or distressing messages. Instead of focusing on fear-based messages, marketers should lean towards positive and empowering messages. Optimistic messages are found to be more long-lasting than ones based on fear and negativity.

This is especially true if your business includes sustainable products and services. The message behind sustainability is foreboding at its core, but we should veer the focus toward the hopeful rather than dwelling on the pessimism.

3. Invest in Green Branding and Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is a great way to distinguish yourself from other companies. It also makes you stand out from other companies. Most sustainable practices help the planet recover and heal, or at least keep the environmental repercussions at bay.

Investing in green branding and sustainable practices will not only give you many returns in the long run, but it will also etch your company in the minds of the many people who support the same cause. A green brand can also generate a better reputation, brand equity, and increased profits. Sustainability is the future. Don’t get left behind.

Eco Renewable Energy: Your Sustainability Partner

If you want to switch to sustainable practices but don’t know how to start, you need a sustainability partner to guide you. Eco Renewable Energy is steadfast in its mission to assist brands and event companies in Sydney in transitioning or maintaining their sustainable practices.

With our range of innovative sustainable experiential marketing tools, you can take your sustainable efforts to the next level. The proper use of our WeWatt Energy Bikes and Energy Floor will surely turn your typical marketing strategies around.

Got some sustainable experiential marketing ideas? Our team is ready to assist you to bring your ideas into reality. We bring your ideas into reality by creating customized project ideas. We will need all the help that we can in healing our planet. This is just the first step among many.

For more enquiries on sustainable experiential marketing, brand activation, and marketing events, contact Eco Renewable Energy, your sustainability partner.


Dean Atrash

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