In the realm of sustainable public spaces, the voice for green innovation has never been more pressing. At Eco Renewable Energy, we’re not just hearing that call – we’re acting on it. Every installation and project of ours is a step towards a greener, more sustainable future. This belief propels our commitment to integrating renewable energy into daily experiences. But what if these experiences didn’t end at our doorsteps? What if public spaces could become living testaments to a future powered by renewables?

Welcome to our vision of public spaces transformed by smart, sustainable solutions. We envision a world where you sit on a park bench and it not only offers a resting spot but also charges your devices using solar power. A world where the streets you walk on illuminate at night, powered by the very footsteps that tread upon them.

At Eco Renewable Energy, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our sustainable installations enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of public spaces. Here’s how we’re pioneering this integration:

WeWatt Bikes:

wewatt bikes

A harmonious blend of design and sustainability, these bikes, crafted largely from recyclable materials, offer a revolutionary off-grid solution to charge devices. Seamlessly integrating into both indoor and outdoor settings, they’re ideal for high-traffic locales from corporate spaces to recreational parks. Beyond their primary function, the WeWatt bikes are an engaging educational tool. An intuitive energy dashboard displays the clean energy users generate, bridging the gap between effort and outcome. With custom branding opportunities, they resonate with organisations championing green initiatives.

Solar Energy Floors / Kinetic Dance Floors:

kinetic floor

Our innovative solar energy floors, crafted mostly from recyclable materials, seamlessly meld sustainability with engagement. As feet tread on these surfaces, they come to life, generating up to 105 watts/sqm. This energy is then returned to the grid, providing an eco-friendly way to offset energy costs. Be it the Solar-Walker, which sensitively responds to footsteps, or the Kinetic-Dancer, harnessing energy from vibrant movements, these installations provide a tangible experience of renewable energy’s potential. Engage, educate, and inspire with every step, jump, or dance, and watch as these interactive installations turn curious onlookers into renewable energy advocates.

Solar Benches:

solar benches

Harnessing the sun’s energy, our smart solar benches redefine outdoor experiences. Serving as more than just seating areas, they seamlessly blend technology and nature, letting visitors recharge both their devices and spirits under the sun. Strategically designed for outdoor public spaces, these weatherproof smart benches amplify sustainability. Beyond device charging through USB and wireless means, they are packed with features that resonate with our tech-savvy world: free Wi-Fi, and built-in environmental sensors revealing real-time insights on local air quality, temperature, and more. Forget traditional advertising; our benches elevate branding with both physical and digital customization. Plus, they offer valuable data insights, capturing foot traffic data and user behaviour, aligning your brand’s eco-commitments with the latest in tech advancements.

As you embrace the public spaces around you, we invite you to experience our vision—a world where every corner is a testament to renewable energy’s potential. With every project and installation, we’re weaving sustainability into the very essence of our communities.

Join us in shaping this sustainable future. Together, let’s redefine public spaces and reimagine a world where renewable energy is an integral part of every experience. We help you experience, innovate & create the future of smart cities in Australia. Browse our website to learn more about what we offer. For enquiries, call us at +61 2 8055 3775 or email us at info@ecorenewableenergy.com.au



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