In the heart of Australia’s bustling cities, the urban landscape continually evolves to meet the dynamic needs of its community. As we move into a future where convenience and sustainability intersect, it becomes necessary to rethink our urban spaces. Enter the SmartBeam – an innovative solution destined to redefine street furniture.
The SmartBeam is not just a product; it’s a sign of progression in the urban sphere. This article reveals how the SmartBeam, along with the enhanced SunSeat, is set to revolutionise our public spaces, making them smarter, more sustainable, and incredibly user-friendly.

The SmartBeam: Transforming Street Furniture for the Future

The SmartBeam stands at the forefront of urban innovation, reshaping the concept of street furniture. This product is a testament to ingenuity in urban design. It seamlessly melds with existing street furniture, enhancing it with cutting-edge technology while maintaining aesthetic harmony.

Key Attributes of the SmartBeam:

  • Integration Ease: Designed with set dimensions, the SmartBeam fits effortlessly into diverse urban settings.
  • Technological Advancements: Equipped with wireless chargers, it transcends traditional furniture functions. Advanced models include WiFi connectivity, USB ports, environmental sensors, and a people counter, catering to the digital needs of today’s urban dwellers.
  • Design Philosophy: the SmartBeam embodies a sleek, modern design, ensuring it adds value, not only functionally but also visually to the urban landscape.

This development in street furniture not only caters to the functional requirements of city life but also enhances the user experience, making public spaces more accessible, convenient, and technologically equipped.


Sustainability and Affordability: The SmartBeam Advantage

Eco Renewable Energy’s commitment to sustainability and affordability shines through in the SmartBeam’s design. With the SmartBeam being 100% green energy and 100% sustainable, it represents a forward-thinking approach to environmental responsibility in urban development. This commitment not only appeals to eco-conscious consumers but also aligns with global sustainability goals.


  • Affordable Pricing: Ensuring that upgrading urban furniture is financially feasible for city planners and private entities alike.
  • Long-Term Savings: The use of durable, low-maintenance materials reduces long-term costs.

Environmental Benefits

  • Recyclable Materials: Minimising environmental impact and supporting a circular economy.
  • Eco-friendly Operations: Operating with minimal energy consumption and contributing to a greener urban environment.


Advancements in Outdoor Eco Furniture: The SunSeat Upgrade

The SunSeat, a cornerstone of outdoor eco furniture, has been reimagined to meet the evolving needs of modern urban spaces. These enhancements are designed to increase both functionality and appeal, ensuring that the SunSeat remains a valuable component of urban street furniture.

New Features in the SunSeat

  • USB Charging Sockets: Allowing users to charge their devices conveniently.
  • LED Lighting: Providing illumination, enhancing safety and ambiance.
  • Additional Battery Capacity: Extending the duration of its serviceability.

These upgrades not only improve the user experience but also increase the product’s utility, making it more attractive to customers seeking modern, tech-friendly urban solutions.




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