History tells us that nothing is permanent. Systems that worked a hundred years before might not be relevant in today’s society. In the same wayfurniture and fashion have drastically changed over the years to cater to our ever-changing needsFor instancewe no longer put as much premium to aesthetics. Instead, we go for practical and functional solutions like smart furniture that address a lot of global challenges that we are facing today.   These innovative moves towards sustainable practices are perhaps the most apt responses to the pertinent challenges that almost all cities are experiencing around the globe. These key economic challenges include overcrowded cities, impaired environments, and so on. That is why there is an urgent need for smart solutions, specifically smart furniture in the form of solar energy benches.   There are many reasons why cities like Tokyo and London are integrating this change in their urban landscape. From traditional benches that are simply made to sit on, these smart energy benches can offer a lot more to its urban citizens.  

The Bench for the Next Generation 

Benches are some of the most common furniture that you will see in public places like parks, squares, malls, roads, train stations, and even on some beaches. Seeing how common these furniture pieces are, developers had the idea of turning the simple bench into one that has multiple functions. Aside from seeing the short-term benefits, this smart solution also poses a lot of potential for the improvement of our planet’s health. Whether you want the long-term effects or the ones that you can see in an instant, it is easy to see why smart solar benches are the gateway to a sustainable future for the next generation

How It Works 

These smart energy benches are just like any typical bench in the sense that people can sit on them, yet it provides so much more. But what makes them significantly better is that they offer more than just a space for you to rest on. Smart furniture like these energy benches is designed to capture energy from the sun, which is used to power all the other functionalities that it comes with. Smart furniture works seamlessly to enhance urban environments and promote sustainable energy usage. Here are more reasons why it has the potential to make cities even better:

Free from the Fossil Fuss 

Natural resources like fossil fuels are rapidly decreasing by the minute. We cannot afford to abuse it as much as we did when it was first discovered. Solar energy benches, unlike most commercial products, use zero fossil fuels to function.   The energy benches harness the heat of the sun as a free, inexhaustible, and clean energy source. This does not only save the Earth’s remaining reserve of fossil fuel, but it also enhances sustainability while mitigating global warming.  

Pro-Planet, Pro-People 

Solar energy benches do not only support efforts to hamper environmental decline but it is also designed to complement the lifestyle of the people that will choose to sit on them. Imagine jogging for about half an hour in the park while listening to a podcast or your favorite workout music, when suddenly your phone runs out of juice. This sudden change can completely ruin your workout routine that day.  Perhaps you are a tourist, trying to find your way around the city through your smartphone, but your phone dies just as you finally narrowed down the location of your accommodations. With solar energy benches, you can charge your phone for free while you wait. You can even connect to the WiFi hotspot! 

Crucial Foundation for Smart Cities  

The benefits are not only limited to the people within the city, but it also helps the city’s local government and administration as well. With strategically-placed solar energy benches, smart cities can track elements within the environment (like air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, noise level, and people counters) using the IoT/ environmental sensors built within the benches  Cities can also partner with businesses/ brands to advertise their products and services both physically on the benches & online through the wifi hotspot landing pageThe smart benches can also be used to disseminate information from the city itself (eg. public announcements about health/ cleanliness or the latest city updates). This brings us to another important advantage.  

Endless Possibilities 

The applications for smart furniture like solar energy benches are limitless. Schools and University campuses can use them for the benefit of their students. Government grounds can make local announcements through these innovative channels. These benches can be installed in beach boulevards, tourist areas, sports and playgrounds, business parks, airports, outside shopping malls, art museums, festivals, and many more places. These benches can also be installed in private spaces such as corporate office, hotels.

Join the movement for sustainable change today.  

Innovation drives us to greater change. Take the first step towards innovation and embrace the exciting possibilities of what lies ahead with energy benches, the future of smart furniture. For green energy solutions and sustainable services, partner with Eco Renewable today. 


Dean Atrash

Hi, I am Dean Atrash, and I founded Eco IT Solutions to make the asset disposal process easy and smooth for all businesses. Most importantly, it was to create a process that is sustainable, secure, and cost-effective.