In a world where sustainability and renewable energy are becoming increasingly important, innovative solutions are being developed to reduce energy consumption in various sectors. One such solution is WeWatt Bikes. These bikes are revolutionising the way events are powered while promoting environmental sustainability and physical activity. 

Benefits of Using Pedal Power for Events

Environmentally Friendly

Using these WeWatt Power Pedal Bikes for events can be a great eco-friendly idea, instead of using electricity or fuel, people pedal to generate energy which means no harmful emissions are produced. These bikes are completely off-grid and rely on the energy you generate while pedaling, helping to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Promotes Physical Activity

Installing these WeWatt bikes at events encourages attendees to engage in physical activity while having fun. Using these bikes not only promotes cardiovascular health but also builds a strong sense of community and friendship among participants.

Unique and Interactive Experience

WeWatt Bikes provides a unique and interactive experience for event attendees. Instead of passive participation, individuals can actively contribute to powering the event, creating memorable and engaging experiences.

How WeWatt Pedal Bikes Work

WeWatt Bikes operate on the simple principle of converting human kinetic energy into electrical energy. As participants pedal, the energy generated is converted into electricity, which can be used to charge up and power various devices and equipment.

The technology behind Pedal Power

These bikes are equipped with generators and batteries that store the energy generated while pedalling. This advanced technology ensures efficient energy conversion and storage, allowing for easy integration into your event setup.

Integration with Events

WeWatt Bikes can be used for a wide range of events, such as exhibitions, conferences, charity events, brand activations, and outdoor festivals. They can power lighting, inflatables, charging stations, and any other usb equipment, providing a sustainable and reliable energy source.

Here’s a Success Story of the WeWatt Bikes Used in Schools

Portland Secondary College:

In 2017,  Portland Secondary College embarked on a journey towards sustainability by partnering with us to introduce WeWatt recharging bike desks in their senior students’ area. These innovative desks seamlessly blended eco-sustainability, physical exercise, and relaxation, fostering engagement and reducing the school’s carbon footprint. Now, with the recent addition of two WeWatt bikes, the college continues to lead by example, promoting a culture of sustainability and community collaboration that extends beyond the classroom walls.

Success Story of the WeWatt Bikes Used in Events 

TwistED Science:

TwistED Science in Moorabbin was looking for the latest innovative products that bring together the love of technology, renewable energy, and science. Collaborating with the TwistED Science team, we introduced WeWatt Bikes, allowing visitors to pedal and generate energy. The installation of WeWatt Bikes enhanced the visitor’s experience and also encouraged a better understanding of how science, technology, and sustainability connect.

Impact on Sustainable Efforts

Reduction in Carbon Footprint: By using pedal power bikes instead of traditional energy sources, events can significantly start to reduce their carbon footprint, contributing to global efforts to combat climate change and environmental degradation.

Awareness and Education: Pedal-powered events serve as educational platforms, raising awareness about renewable energy and sustainability among attendees. They inspire individuals to adopt more eco-friendly lifestyles and support initiatives that promote environmental conservation.

Logistics and Weather

Logistics and Setup: The WeWatt bikes are easily installed on any hard, flat surface  The bikes take roughly 1-2 hours to setup and can be placed anywhere as there are no power requirements. Our team will assist you in working with your venue to arrange an easy setup.

Weather Considerations: Outdoor events may be affected by inclement weather, posing challenges to the operation of pedal-powered bikes. However, contingency plans, such as marquees or indoor setups, can mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions.

Future Prospects and Innovations

As the demand for sustainable energy solutions continues to grow, WeWatt Pedal Bikes are poised for further innovation and expansion. Future developments may include the integration of pedal power with other renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, to create hybrid energy systems for events.


WeWatt Pedal Powered Bikes offer a sustainable and engaging solution for powering events while promoting environmental awareness and physical activity. By harnessing the power of human energy, these bikes not only reduce carbon emissions but also create memorable experiences for attendees. As the world strives towards a more sustainable future, pedal-powered events represent a step in the right direction.



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