We all have the potential to help create a sustainable environment through renewable energy sources, and exercise is no exception. If you love the gym, then why not inject your passion into creating usable renewable energy while you are working out. Or, if you avoid exercising this could be a great motivator for you, an hour in the gym can convert into renewable energy. The brilliant thing about converting your workout into renewable energy is we keep both ourselves, and our planet healthy.

Generate energy through your workout

Think about the amount of energy used by a gym or exercise facility. Now imagine that you could power those machines by creating renewable energy. It almost seems like a novel concept, however with our energy-generating fitness equipment range, it can become a reality. A one-hour workout will not just help members to lose weight, but through kinetic energy created during the workout, it can be harnessed to power the machine or add power back to the buildings grid. The only difference between these machines is they create energy rather than wasting it. Viewing it in this way, actually highlights that the current fitness model in place doesn’t actually make much sense. At the moment we are effectively wasting energy by using these appliances, rather than converting, storing and making it renewable.

The innovative energy generating fitness equipment

You have heard the concept, but now you are probably thinking “how?” and “can it work?” The answer to both is simply – yes. Our fitness range has been designed using innovative green technology. It is also the latest development and range of sustainable fitness equipment. Our fitness equipment currently consists of treadmills (including the world’s first energy-producing treadmill), cross-trainers and spin bikes. Have you ever participated in a spin class? Think about the wasted kinetic energy that could have been converted into a sustainable energy source. One spin class, using our energy generating machines were created to harvest the electricity to support the energy needs of the gym or fitness establishment.

How do our fitness machines work?

All of our fitness machines are designed and equipped with a micro-inverter, similar to the ones that are used by wind turbines and solar panels. To use the example of a spin class again, the micro-inverter in the spin bike allows the machine to store the kinetic energy produced by the users in the workouts. You can simply generate energy from spin bike workouts by pedalling on them. The harnessed power is then fed back to the gym’s grid through a standard wall point plug. Sustainable energy can be used to replenish the grid’s energy, power lights, mobile phones, laptops, and more. A single machine is designed to produce up to 200 watts of energy per hour.

A Renewable Energy Powered Gym

Converting energy into renewable power is no longer a concept, it has already been put into practice by a gym in California. The gym called ‘Sacramento Eco Fitness’ is powered almost entirely by the energy harnessed from its member’s workout sessions. The gym went on to claim that just one of their spin classes produces enough energy to power two of the fridges for 24 hours. They are not only creating renewable energy, and contributing to sustainable energy, but they are also saving money for the business. The gym went on to say that their electricity bills went from $680 to $30 each month. Join us in helping us to sustain our planet with renewable energy by taking advantage of our fitness machines.

To run one of our machines, all you need is a willing gym member and a standard wall plug. Trust us, you will notice the immediate renewable energy benefits.



Dean Atrash

Hi, I am Dean Atrash, and I founded Eco IT Solutions to make the asset disposal process easy and smooth for all businesses. Most importantly, it was to create a process that is sustainable, secure, and cost-effective.