What is the future of events – post Covid-19? This is something playing on all of our minds at the moment.

  • Will we be required to social distance ourselves at an event/ conference/ festival?
  • Will temperature checks of all visitors be mandatory/are venues required to have thermal scanning at the door?
  • What about the cutlery & crockery – will they all change to disposable?
  • We can almost guarantee – Cleaning & disinfecting areas & especially high traffic areas will need to be increased & done on a regular basis.
  • What will your policies and procedures be for your event, eg. if anyone shows up with symptoms or if your guests all become sick as a result of attending your event?

How can your brand come back from covid stronger than before?

We have all been on a zoom call or two during the lockdown and while we acknowledge they have been an amazing pivot & solution to the restrictions which everyone has had around the world – we cannot deny, that we miss human interaction – now more than ever, people are ready to meet up, go to events & socialise again. We may be restricted by rules at the moment but let’s use this time to start planning for when events open up and we can safely host up to 50 guests and later on any number of guests, let’s use this time to plan what the first events will look like. We have a huge task to make all future events as fun, engaging & meaningful as possible. On top of that, we also need to plan events that are sustainable. People have realized that most meetings could probably be done over a zoom call but no one can deny how awesome it is to go to an event full of amazing, delicious food & drinks, beautiful decor, inspiring speaker & innovative/ fun/ experiential games and activities. So our job in the events industry is to look at how we can make our events meaningful, experiential and memorable.

What have we been up to behind the scenes of lockdown?

We have taken the time to look at our next steps moving forward as a business, what works well, what have customers been asking for and most importantly how can we continue to innovate to bring our customers new solutions to your events & brand activations. We are busy working on a new prototype of a more cost-effective & affordable WeWatt bike range & what’s more exciting for events & brand activations is our new solar-powered benches, more specifically a bench you can place outdoors at any event, the seat fitted with solar panels which are used to charge your guests phones (wirelessly & through USB connectors). The benches have built-in wifi which connects to an online landing page that can be fully customized with your logos, messages & branding + you can place decals around the outside of the benches to fully brand them.

How are we going to comply with covid rules & operate/ maintain safe surfaces & social distancing?

All of our installations will be wiped down with antiseptic wipes once the installation is complete – we also encourage you to have a hand sanitiser setup on the bike table for each person to use before/ after they have been on the bikes + we recommend regular cleaning of the table tops/ bikes + place a sign on the table explaining basic rules of sanitizing, not coughing on the bikes, keeping your distance in the queue etc to keep the environment as safe as possible + we recommended placing stickers on the floor to create a safe distance queue for anyone waiting to use the bikes.

What changes can we make in the world?

Now that we’ve all had a few months at home to rest, recover and plan for the future economy post-Covid-19 we should ask ourselves: do we want to go back to the same economy we left? do we want to continue consuming precious resources or unnecessary goods like we were before? Or can we use this period of silence to review how we want to continue forward in the world, how we want to keep the wheels of our economy turning.. sustainably?
We have this unique opportunity, never in history since the start of the industrial revolution to critically decide what is worth keeping and what we can lose. Can we use this opportunity to build a truly sustainable future, make choices that are in line with a circular economy and build a new way of life that we are proud to hand over to the next generation?
It’s definitely a strange time we’re living in and now with restrictions starting to be lifted, it may be a good time to start looking at what’s next – how are we going to adapt to the new world, what can we do/ innovate and change to comply with and create new amazing events post coronavirus.



Hi, I am Dean Atrash, and I founded Eco IT Solutions to make the asset disposal process easy and smooth for all businesses. Most importantly, it was to create a process that is sustainable, secure, and cost-effective.