FAQ's & Testimonials

WeWatt Bikes

How do WeWatt bikes work?
The bikes have a patented technology, which converts the kinetic energy created by pedalling into electricity. This is 100% renewable energy, which is stored in a battery in the centre of the table.
How long does it take to charge your phone?
Powering phones or devices using WeWatt bikes will take the same time as a regular wall point plugs at home or work.
How long does it take to charge the bike/table battery?
Fully charging the battery can take around an hour which will provide enough energy to power 4 mobile phones + 2 tablets.
How many devices can I charge at the same time?
There are up to 4 usb ports or a standard AC plug point per bike, which can all be occupied at the same time.
How many Watts can be produced?
We can produce between 50-150 watts when pedalling.
How many Watts can be produced?How much do these bike/tables cost?
We offer short term rentals for events & activations in bookings of 1-3 days, 4-7 days or 8+ days.

We also offer a long term lease-to-own package which includes the maintenance & health checks, software updates + new releases. Includes spare parts or changes to the internal system.

Pricing depends on the preferred model & the amount required. Please contact us for a quote.

What are the weight & dimensions?
The single unit weighs approx. 65kg and occupies a space of: H 115cm, W 80cm, D 120cm (with chair).

The round table diameter is 145cm + chairs. The height is 115cm and weight is approx. 190kg.

Energy Floors

How do the dance floors work?
Click here to watch a video on how the floors work
How much energy is produced from dancing?

The dance-floors produce around 35 watts per press

How much do they cost to hire for an event?

We have a wide range of setups available – everything from a small event to a Coachella festival.

We have packages available for smaller/ standard events or get in touch with us and provide as much information as possible and we’ll build a quote based on this information.

We can also provide examples from past events and pricing brackets to match.

What kind of software do you include with the dancefloors?

Our standard software displays everything from energy produced, what part of the dancefloor produces the most energy, led lighting and fun plugins. We also offer our clients the option to customize this software to suit a brand activation or event.
This can involve interactive games, fun visuals or displays that link back to the dancefloor and how people interact with it.

How much notice do you need before an event?

To be safe & depending on how complicated the requirements are we ask for at least 2-3 months to prep, for smaller events we can bring it all together in a couple weeks.

As with any event, the more time we have beforehand the greater chance we have of meeting your exact brief.

How big are the tiles and what formation do they come in?

The dancefloor is made up of a number of tiles. These come in squares of 75cm x 75cm and are 25cm high. We can create any sized dancefloor you require linking any number of tiles together for a complete floor. Each tile weighs 50kg so this needs to be taken into account for setup.

Are they water/weather proof for outdoor events?

The floors can be outdoors but need to be protected from the rain.


What People Are Saying

“The exhibit worked really well and we have had some great feedback. Thanks for all your help”
Caroline Thomson

Director, Cannings Purple

“Amazing Team to work with Pre-Event, Onsite and Post Event. It was exactly what we were looking for and we can’t wait to use them again. :)”

Jessica Swinnerton

Event Manager, Public Sector Network

“Great working with the Jade and their team. LeasePlan promotes sustainability and the e-bikes for charging mobile phones at conference was a good idea to promote our message. The implementation process was easy going and the team delivered on time. Great job. Highly recommended.”

Aparna Atiya Ahmad


“To drive sustainability within our school we engaged Eco Renewable Energy early 2017 for the WeWatt recharging bike-desks which are being used in the senior students’ area. The eco-sustainability, exercise and mildly active relaxation functions are very engaging. The sustainable round-table is in a social collaborative area which is always busy with groups of students and even teachers making use of the renewable energy station! We recently purchased another 2 WeWatt bikes, the Kiosk model this time and we love them! Thanks”

Toni Burgoyne

Principal, Portland Secondary College