Energy generating gym equipment has been one of the most talked about topics by our clients. Our team are working hard to complete the latest energy generators for both home & commercial use.

Our current eco gym equipment (treadmills, bikes & ellipticals – see more info below) are available to be purchased from us. Our new energy generators, which can be attached to your current home/ commercial gym equipment is currently on a waiting list. If you would like to know more or if you would like to join our waiting list please signup below.

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As we promote sustainability through interactive innovations, Eco Renewable Energy invites everyone to take part of it. Through the use of our energy generating gym equipment, the human movement will be converted into renewable energy that will provide electricity.

At Eco Renewable Energy, we capture the energy of an exerciser to create positive impact. Our power generating exercise equipment converts energy from the exercising user into electricity which is used to offset the gym or building’s power usage, thus utilising that spent energy during workouts!

Do you know that running at the gym for exercise can produce more than just sweat? As every treadmill in gyms today consumes a lot of electricity in order to work, we have modified our equipment to be the game changer.

Eco Renewable Energy saw a way to utilise the human-powered energy expended on treadmill in a sustainable way and turn it into usable electricity. With your every step and stride, the treadmill will pump energy back into the grid during a workout. 

Our Energy Generating Treadmill produces electricity from the user’s kinetic energy as it banks renewable power with each step. This treadmill harnesses the energy from the exerciser and sends the created energy back to the power grid, offsetting power consumption in the gym or building!

Eco Renewable Energy has retrofitted the cross trainers in the gym so that they can convert your workout energy into usable electrical energy. When you exercise in one of our cross trainers, you are generating electricity that can be used in the gym or the entire building. This power generating exercise equipment retrofits cardio equipment to reroute the discharged energy as a heat by-product.

Instead of using some equipment raising temperatures inside the facility, you can use our energy generating cross trainer during workout to lessen the work and consumption of air conditioning units and other HVAC control system.

By adopting energy generating gym equipment, you will not only promote an environmentally friendly workout place, but you will also reduce your electric bills.

As the world continues to search for renewable energy sources, Eco Renewable Energy has devised an innovative and interesting tool to generate one. If you want to keep fit and produce power at the same time, you might be interested in using our unique energy generating spin bike.

This power generating exercise equipment works when you start pedalling. The energy you produce can be used straight away or can be stored in a battery in the power pack for future use. Ride on our exercise bikes to be motivated to pedal harder and to help us reduce carbon dioxide emissions and pollution.

Now that you are aware of how beneficial energy generating fitness equipment is, we are sure that you are going to take good advantage of it.

Planning to hit the gym? Turn your sweat into electricity with our energy generating gym equipment and help us promote sustainability through this interactive innovation of renewable energy.